MocServer / Validator v5.09 - Oct 2023
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MOC Server tool for retrieving as fast as possible the list of astronomical data sets (catalogs, surveys, ... harvested from CDS and VO servers) having at least one observation in a specifical sky region/and or time range. The default result is an ID list. MOC Server is based on Multi-Order Coverage maps (MOC) described in the IVOA REC. standard.

Full manual is available in English and French.

This form allows one to verify that a remote MOC is compliant with the MOC IVOA standard (2.0, 1.1 or 1.0)

1) URL MOC validation

MOC server can verify a remote MOC. The remote MOC is uploaded via an URL.

MOC must be a HTTP stream containing a MOC packaged in FITS

url= & fmt= 

2) File MOC validation

MOC server can verify a local MOC file. The local MOC is uploaded via Multipart POST method.

MOC must be a local FITS file

 MOCserver is developped by CDS